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Kōno Collection Dripper 01 Lemon

Kōno Collection Dripper 01 Lemon

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Since we are always looking for the best products on the market we also wanted to offer a special conical dripper. The Kōno Dripper comes in many different versions and colourways. This one is part of the "Collection" line which is always very limited. 

What makes it different from other conical brewers are the ribbles in the dripper. It only has a few small ribbles at the very bottom of the dripper which leads to less bypass during the brew. This results in a more distinctive and sweet cup that with other conical brewers. The Kono Dripper is suited for 1 cup brews (around 200-250ml) and can be used with different size 01 filter papers. We recommend to use the Cafec Abaca or the Light Roast paper filters. Since its a very traditional japanese brewer it is designed to be used with lower brewing temperatures around 90 degrees.

Made in Japan. 

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