About us

We, Elias and Viktor, founded the company bruehaus in 2023 to follow our passion, the pleasure of coffee. Through our years of experience as baristas in different cafés and at home, we realized that the market does not offer all the products we believe in and want to share with you.
The identity of bruehaus is composed of the following three elements that serve as internal and external company guidelines.

1. Careful curation: We select our products and services with the utmost care, focusing on aesthetics, functionality and quality. All products offered for sale are carefully tried and tested by us to the limit.

2. Expertise and knowledge: At bruehaus, we pride ourselves on being more than just sellers - we are a knowledge center. We are happy to share our expertise and knowledge about coffee with you to enrich your coffee experience.

3. Community: We believe in sharing and want to build a community of coffee enthusiasts who support and inspire each other. At bruehaus you will find like-minded people who share your passion.

We invite you to join us on this journey.