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Cafec Light Roast Paper Filters 01 (100 pcs)

Cafec Light Roast Paper Filters 01 (100 pcs)

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Since modern Specialty Coffee often is roasted very light we were searching for paper filters that are designed for this type of roastlevel. The Cafec Light Roast Paper Filters are specially designed for light roasted coffee. The paper has very fine pores and a smooth surface on the inside of the paper. This leads to a slower flow rate with less bypass. Despite the longer brewtime we still had very sweet and komplex brews with this paper filter that didn´t taste overaxtracted and bitter. The paper filters come in a 1 cup size and are compatible with our Kōno Drippers.

  • Size 01 paper filters 
  • 100 pieces
  • Suited for light roasted coffee
  • Compostable

Made in Japan.

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