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Tricolate Coffee Brewer V3 - Translucent

Tricolate Coffee Brewer V3 - Translucent

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The Tricolate is a very different kind of brewer compared to usual drippers or immersion brewers. It stands out through its zero bypass concept. With this concept all the water must run through the coffee which leads to higher extractions. Therefore you can use less coffee than with other brewers for equal levels of extraction, or you choose to brew a very high extracted coffee. The Tricolate also comes with a shower head which evenly distributes the coffee with a steady flow rate. This also leads to the fact that no gooseneck kettle is needed. The brewer is made and invented in Australia and slowly starts to become popular all over the world. Because of this interesting concept and its impressive results we can recommend to give this special brewer a try. 

  • Translucent Tritan body
  • Detachable three part system (Base, Body & Shower Head)
  • Easy to clean because of its detachability
  • Comes with 100 Paper Filters

Made in Australia.

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