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Origami Ceramic Dripper S (base included)

Origami Ceramic Dripper S (base included)

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Inspired by the Japanese art of paper folding, the Origami Dripper, has gained recognition in recent years among competitions, cafes, and coffee enthusiasts. The dripper is crafted from high-quality porcelain in Japan.
First impressed by its beautiful looks we soon realized it also produces amazing cups of coffee and therefore needed it in our collection.
The Origami Dripper S is suitable for brewing 200-300ml of coffee and can be used with the Origami Paper Filters or various different Paper Filters to achieve different results. The Dripper comes with a wooden Base that holds the Origami. The combination of the ceramic dripper and the wood base creates a very beautiful aesthetic.
  • Heatproof porcelain
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The high quality material is easy to clean and durable
  • Comes with a wooden base

Made in Japan.

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