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Orea V3 Basalt (base included)

Orea V3 Basalt (base included)

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The orea is a very minimalistic but very efficient brewer. The patented ring drainage with large openings prevents the brew from clogging and causes a fast and even flowrate. The Orea is a very versatile brewer which can be used with many different recipes and grind sizes which lead to different flavor profiles. Its small and compact size also makes it a very handy brewer. Because of the easy usability this brewer is the perfect daily driver which always produces consistent and delicious coffee. The Orea comes in two different sizes which both fit the same detachable base. 

  • Size S is compatible with 155 Kalita Wave Paper Filters
  • Size L is compatible with 185 Kalita Wave Paper Filters 
  • BPA free plastic body
  • 100% recycled plastic base
  • Every base has an individual look and is one of a kind (pictures might differ)
  • No pre-heating needed because of its high thermal stability



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