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Asemi Koishiwara-Yaki Cup Large

Asemi Koishiwara-Yaki Cup Large

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Each cup is made carefully by hand using a special iron powder glaze in Koishiwara Japan. The distinctive pattern on the surface is done with a technique called “Tobikanna.” The artisan uses a metal tool to apply chatter markings on the surface by hand, which leaves the cup with this typical Koishiwara pattern. 

The Asemi cups perfectly embody the art of Japanese craftsmanship. All cups are handmade and glazed in Japan. Using a variety of techniques and materials, each cup is one of a kind. Since the first time we used an Asemi cup, they have become an essential part of our daily coffee or tea routine. The two different sizes cover all drinks, from filter coffee to espresso and tea.

Size: 230ml - 10cm high - 7cm wide

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