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Acaia Pearl S Digital Scale 2022 (newest model)

Acaia Pearl S Digital Scale 2022 (newest model)

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As with all our products, we wanted to bring you the very best when it comes to scales. The Acaia has been on the market for years and we have worked with it in a professional and in a private environment and have always been very satisfied with it.

With the latest version of the Acaia Pearl S there have been even more improvements to the already successful previous model.
The scale can weigh up to 3kg and is accurate to 0.1g. It is equipped with Bluetooth and comes with a compatible app. The Acaia offers many different brew modes that display figures such as flow rate, time and weight.
The scale is powered by a rechargeable battery that can be charged via USB-C cable.
As design always plays an important role for us, this scale also brings a very minimalistic and sleek look to your coffee station.

  • USB-C port 
  • Different brew guides
  • 3kg maximum weight
  • Equipped with Bluetooth
  • Compatible Acaia App 

Size: 16cm x 16cm x 3.2cm

Weight: 620g

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